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English football-is there ever going be a time we actually win anything? So after all the (cavemen) comments about the Women’s World Cup it came down to a penalty. It was as exciting as anything else I’ve ever watched and seemed to be played with more sportsmanship than I see in Men’s football. I’ve been taking my 7 year old to play and she’s actually getting to be quite good. Its a cycle to the pitch and a cycle home so i’ll give her a Mars bar for the energy she’s expended. Her sportsmanship need a bit of work but at the moment I don’t want to want to give her any of my English hangups. Women’s participation in sport. BBC

Women’s participation is at an all time high and having role models like those I watched last night has got to help. In my role as father and Ageing Fighter I need to do something whilst I’m there rather than looking at my phone. I’ve started to help coach and If I’m not needed i’ll go on a  HIIT session in a distant, dark corner of the playing field.

We spent the weekend following my wife as she took part in a 1/4 Ironman in Rodvig. I had to look after/entertain the kids and she had to swim/cycle and run for 3 hours. I know who had the harder time.

Although I can’t find anything conclusive there seems to be a belief that the sport most women participate in is swimming. You’re going to need the sea or a pool and some time but its the best thing you can do for your joints, strength and cardiovascular system. If you don’t have the time try going up/down the stairs 20 and do some brisk walking. It all counts!

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