Are you old or do you just look it?

As we get older it becomes clear that some of us are ageing quicker than others. Now I’m in my 50s my friends are starting to die.

Statistically in the UK most people will die after they’re 80 years old. So why are people ageing at different rates?

Simply put its exercise. If you do exercise, be it in your work or in your spare time you will live longer.

Some things aren’t in your control, such as hair (sigh) and joints. But you are in control of your weight, cardiovascular fitness, sun exposure and your consumption.

The exercise doesn’t make us younger- the lack of exercise makes us older. By not being active and paying attention to our  health we ageing our bodies. If you meet someone of your same age and they seem fitter than you its likely that they are making better choices and keeping active. If you’re the fittest, you can allow yourself to feel smug.

Check your BMI, have a look at yourself in the mirror & put on sunscreen. Vanity may be a sin but its useful if you want to fight ageing. Don’t give up on yourself.  FT vanity article

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