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Let’s talk about me: I’m Matt, I live in Denmark but I’m English. Got stuck here for all sorts of complicated reasons (kids and the like). I was a keen rugby player playing regularly into my mid 40s but now the hips aren’t good and I’ve a fairly dodgy knee so I have to choose my activities more carefully otherwise exercise causes more harm than good. This is a website about what we of middle and old age can and do. There’s a blog for examples and for motivation. There’s medical news so we can see what experts say we should be doing.

I’d like to know how you keep active, eat and drink well and what you do to stay sharp. Please get involved! 

 I’d like to examine what  we can do to maintain our well-being and activity levels.

This is also a marketing tool as I’m a professional coach working with attitudinal training and practical models to spread understanding. I’ve worked with the NHS in the UK and many Pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the States. I present Ageing Fighter training courses for groups or  companies to share good ideas and tips and help us to live well and enjoy the 3rd age.


7th Oct 2019 Start the week with a visit to the gym. Mondays are never easy so I like to ease into it with a bit of running on the spot with little 1.5 kg weights. 100 sit ups and 30 star jumps and I’d got a sweat on. I find it helps to set up a circuit in my head in the gym- it means I don’t get all prissy when my preferred piece of equipment gets taken. I want a bit of legs and upper body so I do low weight squats and bench press. Obviously that gets boring so I do dips, curls, calves, triceps and leg curls to break things up.

3rd July

So 2 months in and I’ve lost 3 kg. The dieting works OK but the hunger the day after can defeat the object. Anyway, clothes fit better and I’m looking thinner (my wife’s words were ‘skinny’)

Further to my BMI figure I’ve decided to lose some weight. Having looked at the medical news out there the 5:2 diet seems like a good starting point, its not difficult to prepare for or expensive and I haven’t seen any bad side effects.