Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease kills over 150 000 people per year in the UK-610 000/year in the US. That’s roughly 25% of all deaths. It is often assumed to be normal part of ageing but it isn’t. There is lots we can do to protect our cardiovascular system and many more that damage it.

The picture shows Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meeting in Yalta in 1945. One of the things these three have in common is that they all died of cardiovascular disease. As a Brit I probably know more of Churchill’s legendary consumption than the other two but they all smoked, drank and didn’t have time for exercise- there was a war on. I’d recommend the Film Death of Stalin as a comedy if you’ve got time. Cardiovascular disease kills us prematurely in a number of ways. Our vascular system becomes less flexible, our hearts begin to function less efficiently and our lungs begin to lose their ability to absorb oxygen. Ageing puts many strains on the body but lifestyle is the biggest cause of CVD.

  1.  High consumption of cholesterol: Reduce your non HDl Cholesterol with diet and exercise. Statins are usually effective
  2. BMI, Ethnicity and Body shape: BMI above 25% increases your risk and above 30% puts you in the obese category. Best to check you waist measurements too
  3. Type 2 diabetes. Change your diet and exercise/get active
  4. High blood pressure: Change your diet by reducing salt, alcohol, & cholesterol. Exercise /Get active and eat more fruit & veg
  5. Smoking: Don’t 

British Heart Foundation risk list

You’ll also reduce your risk of stroke & dementia too.

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