Cycling guide for beginners

My daily exercise and method of transport is cycling. I’ve got 5 bikes but I use 2 on a daily basis. This is linked to an article from

Complete cycling for Beginners

You do need a few things 

1) a good cycle shop or an ability with DIY

2) Some flexible clothing which you can get oil on

3) A positive attitude towards the advantages of cycling-you can park anywhere, its good for you and the planet- you can justify eating more & drink driving is your risk 

 4) A good lock and a lack of trust in people will get you far; people may not have seen you, don’t expect them to. Treat drivers like they’re homicidal idiots, because you tend to live longer and its nice to be proved wrong. 

5) People will steal your bike if you leave it outside even if its locked. Make an effort to make it very difficult/impossible for them-particularly when its new.

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