Genetics of our weight

So we get many physical and mental attributes from our parents.  The contributors to our personal genetic cocktail have been evolving since life emerged from the primeval soup back before Brexit. Constant mutations are what allows survival of the fitness or more recently survival of those with the most time.

So now we’ve an excuse for our weight- studies show that thin people have more genes which are associated with thinness. This doesn’t really seem like news to me. We all know somebody who seems to be ‘naturally thin’ and we all know someone who’s got a constant battle with gaining weight. It a different time & in a different environment the ability to gain weight would be an advantage and probably help you to survive and pass on your genes. Same goes for someone who isn’t genetically able to gain weight easily. 

So we still need to fight the fight. We must eat the amount of calories we need  every day and not more. We should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg every day (more veg than sugary fruit) and we should eat a varied diet – whole foods containing roughage, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean getting into your tracksuit. You can adopt activities into you daily routine which make you much more likely to live to an old age and remain mobile and independent. Get educated, active and motivated-Don’t blame your parents.

BBC Article on genetics

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