How unhealthy is a Keto diet?

The Western Worlds obesity epidemic is once again creating a huge industry of people offering to help you to lose weight. Keto is a calorie restrictive diet which many believe is easier to stick to than fasting. The fat in the diet is pretty sating and you don’t get the build up of hunger. The theory is that the dieter restricts their consumption of carbohydrates but eats large amounts of fats and oils as a substitute. If that sounds familiar- it is. There was a diet book in the 1950 called ‘Eat Fat, Get Thin’ and in the 1990 we had the infamous Atkins diet, who’s founder died of a heart attack .

You will lose weight but there are real dangers-Kidney stones, yoyo weight & you will not be getting the roughage you need to maintain your microbiome and help your visits to the lavatory .You will be eating way too much cholesterol and processed meat. The logic of your body using fat reserves when it can find easily available carbs may work in the short term but its outside the guidelines of healthy eating by any peer reviewed  organisation such as the NHS. Processed meat is carcinogenic and as little as possible should be eaten. It doesn’t matter if its organic its still increasing you chances of bowel cancer. Tom Watson- British Labour Party deputy leader may have done it successfully but it isn’t sustainable.

Think of your plate (which shouldn’t be big)- as a good gauge for weight loss; half veg, quarter protein (Not necessarily meat) and a quarter complicated carbs. to maintain your weight; divide it into thirds. Try to use as little processed food as possible and avoid anything that would probably survive for a decade of it was in the corner of a cupboard.

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