Keeping your body at its ‘Right’ weight

Obesity is the disease of our age and growing in nearly all populations. Most obese people will suffer serious health problems because of it and life expectancy is reduced by 9 years. There are many reasons for its increase

  • Falling activity levels
  • Increased access to fast food
  • Falling cooking ability
  • Confusing government recommendations
  • The Diet Industry’s profit motive
  • Changing perception of what is healthy body weight
  • Rise popularity of bloggers with anecdotal stories of weight loss
  • Normalisation of obesity in families and society

The major problem for most older people is the reduction in activity levels as they become lose mobility and strength. You’ve only got to overeat by 1 banana a week for 10 years to become obese. That’s quite frighteningly small amounts of snacking for a man who can happily eat an extra 500 calories at the end of a meal.

Once you’ve gained weight you need to lose it. Most obese people will suffer from the common debilitating diseases of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and arthritis. Dieting is statistically shockingly poor way of doing it. Most dieters gain weight in the medium term Huff Post article on dieting

Our bodies have a ‘Set Point’ weight where our hormones try to keep us. Restricting calories can cause the body to reset to a higher ‘Set Point’ as we (our bodies) prepare for a shortage of food. 

So to summarise- it really very difficult.

  • Gaining weight is easy and natural.
  • We will find being active more challenging as we age.
  • Diets don’t work as they cause us to gain weight.
  • Our ‘Set Point’ can be changed by eating, fasting and exercise.

Don’t become overweight. Eat carefully and follow recommendations from organisations like the NHS. Keep active-Don’t snack

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