Masters Degree in Nutrition

Time to learn again

I’ve applied to study at the local university. Since I’m interested in it I’ve decided to study Human Nutrition  because I’m a human and I blog about best practices in fighting ageing. The latest research regarding dementia indicate that we need to stretch our mental capacity in a bigger way than crosswords and Sudoku. Conversations, maintaining your hearing and learning  something entirely new are all believed to keep you mental faculties up to speed. 

The need to have some support for my opinions is obviously and the Masters Degree course I’m looking at looks really interesting and to be at the cutting edge of this ever changing /evolving area of science. Principle barriers to entry seem to be the fact that I can’t find my University Certificate from Brighton which I believe to be in my parents attic. I’ve moved house 16 times since I graduated (Yeah REALLY)

The course is 2 years long and is full time. I’m seriously counting my chickens before they are hatched but sometimes it helps to start telling the truth before it happens.



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