People need to take responsibility for their own health according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock

As a country we’ve become the fattest in Europe, and now have 1 in 9 NHS beds occupied by T2 Diabetes sufferers. So are we going to educate the public and make manufacturers produce healthy food? No we’re going to think about it with a green paper. Thousands of people will die whilst this goes on but nobody likes a Nanny State and everyone’s rather busy with Brexit. So how do we go about preventing people becoming ill and a burden on the NHS? There’s going to need to get some agreement on what’s good practice and then we’re going to need to educate people to change their beliefs. We know eating more vegetables & fruit, roughage and unprocessed food is beneficial, eating processed meat, alcohol, processed foods and trans fats is detrimental. We also know that being a measurably health weight for your height and regular exercise are indicators of living longer. Smoking is just plain dangerous.

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

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