Scammers target the elderly and me!

I’ve been the victim of an internet scam and have very stupidly sent a copy of my passport to someone. Its very easy to think of phishing scams as happening to someone else-in my mind its someone older who may not be particularly internet literate. It turns out I am that elderly befuddled person. I was trying to sel something which needed to be picked up from my house and I believed the lovely person who wanted to buy it when they said they needed my ID for the transport company. Now thinking about it it was always obliviously a scam but as we all know sometimes we don’t have enough time to think things through and we would often make better choices if we had time. I sent them a scan of my passport I had on my phone and immediately regretted it.

BBC article about scammer besieging the elderly

The Internet gives us all amazing access and freedoms but it also allows crooks right into our homes. The criminals are always looking for a new approach to gain information which will allow them to perform a money making scam. Credit card transfers/Bank transfers/ebay address scams are all possible on line with a password and some ID. Think before entering/sending any information which could be used. Watch out there’s a scammer about!

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