Sleeping-its great!

Sleep- we all need it. The body and mind need sleep to recover and to maintain our immune systems. As we grow up we need less sleep than we needed as children. We need about 8 hours a day- and we’re not getting it. What gets in the way of  our sleep is stress, caffeine, alcohol and alarms. We need to prioritise our sleep and not feel guilty about getting our 8 hours a night. The time we allocate to sleeping is eaten into by the need to relax and to de-stress. Here’s a great Life Hack article about the US Airforce method for getting to sleep How to get to sleep

Although many people swear by alcohol as a way of getting to sleep- and yes it does help, the quality of our sleep is then much worse defeating the object. Every time you are find yourself checking Instagram ask yourself if you’d be better off getting a good nights sleep in. Don’t feel guilty about getting 8 hours a night.

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