Social Prescribers to tell people to exercise

Reducing the burden on GPs by using 'link workers' to suggest activities which can benefit patients.

Every winter the National health service comes right up against its capacity limit. At least one in six of all hospital beds are occupied by people with diabetes source

It is an existential fight for funding and a preventative approach is finally being prioritised. BBC Health article

Link workers are to be employed by the NHS to suggest activities which are available in the community which could benefit their health. The aim is to employ over 1000 Prescribers and to eventually have them handle 900 000 patients. As well as physical well being the aim is to interact with people who also need assistance with mental health. The activities can vary from the obvious such as sports/outdoors to art and cookery classes.

Getting someone who’s job is to pick through the available information and give you a clear list of options and the benefits will be of value. It should give obvious and lasting benefits to both the patients and the NHS. Choosing which information is backed by evidence and isn’t just some bloggers opinion is becoming more difficult so talking to someone employed to understand the recommendations is a great initiative.


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