Weightloss- a multi pronged attack

Maintaining a healthy weight is key to our health. It effects our joints, our cardiovascular system, our endocrinology and the probability of developing cancer. The percentage of overweight people in the UK has increased every year since the 1970’s NHS Data. 67% of UK adults are overweight or obese (BMI over 30%)

We are constantly bombarded with images of people with perfect bodies recommending diets, fitness programs or supplements. Its worth remembering that those images are photoshopped and fake, the fitness programs need a lot of willpower, the diets are not sustainable and the vitamin supplements just give you expensive wee. 

Check your body shape-use your height and weight if you don’t have a very active lifestyle to calculate your BMI. If you’re a gym bunny try measuring your body shape with a piece of string (height then halved round your stomach- if it doesn’t fit you need to lose weight)

The British NHS have a plan and they start with measuring. You can skip that if you’re going to do it anyway. You can get a downloaded 12 week plan which lays out a sustainable and sensible process for getting your bodyweight and therefore your health under control. NHS Weight loss program.

Its a multi pronged approach and gets you to think about where you’re currently gaining weight. Make good choices about what and how much you eat and drink and increase your activity levels. Take it slowly and don’t give up. Its better to lose weight over months than weeks. Change you diet don’t diet.


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