What we learn from bacteria in our mouths

Further proof of how useful and informative the mouth is to our overall health. We have known for some time that the condition of our gums is indicative of the condition of our hearts. Now studies published in science advances Science Advances article on Alzheimers show a correlation between bacteria associated with gum disease and Alzheimers disease. The article claims there is disease causation and that it can be treated by introducing inhibitors for the bacteria-in mice.

Porphyromonas gingivalis is the name of the bacteria which has been identified in the cerebral cortex of brains of  Alzheimer’s disease suffer’s cadavers. The scientists showed that by introducing the bacteria to the mouths of mice they could then see it in their brains.

We’re a long way from showing that this is a major cause of the most common type of dementia but its got to be worth flossing more and brushing your teeth twice a day-right?

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