What we should eat

Over the years I have read and understood the recommendations for diet. They’re largely based on what we have need for with regard to nutrients and for a healthy micro biome. I do think the recommendations are difficult to follow if you are not able to cook relatively well and some people don’t understand the terms including, protein, wholefood, pulses, fruit and vegetable. I have had some experience of well educated graduates who don’t understand about a balanced diet and believe meat and fish to be the only source of protein. Rugby players who¬† hugely overestimate the amount of protein they’re required to eat.

I have been more successful at eating in a manner that meets the recommendations in some categories then other e.g. 5-7 portions of fruit and veg as opposed to 14 unit of alcohol spread out in a week. I have understood that the recommendations are there to help you to maintain your health and that following them will be advantageous for my health and my weight but my attitude is often ‘you don’t live forever- it just feels like it’

There are times that the behavioural addictions of a lifetime can be difficult to overcome so eating up everything, which we are taught to do as children and not wasting food can cause me to eat more than the calories my body requires during a day. Years of team sports has left me with an ability to eat really very large amounts of food in one sitting- often quite healthy food but very big portions & second helpings. I need to adopt methods to let my body realise that its full before I consume another 500 calories.

The need to eat wholefoods has been relatively easy and I have adapted to eating higher roughage carbohydrates such brown pasta, rice and large oats.

Feeding children according to the recommendations can be challenging but I have discovered you can hide most vegetables in a tomato sauce if you use a blender and they’ll normally tell you its lovely. Using sugar as a treat is a habit I’m glad has been identified as harmful and I will start to change it immediately.

Other challenges I face are the mental links between relaxing and alcohol, which I’ve been addressing by doing my 1st Dry January since I was 16. Its a long dark month January and it has an awful lot of days in it!

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