Winter Illnesses

Every year at about this point we start getting ill. The short days and cold weather mean that we’re very wrapped up and therefore not getting much Vitamin D through light exposure. There are other reasons for increase viral illnesses at this time of the year.  The packing of people together for reasons of Christmas parties and obviously hygge (nearly Danish for cosy). 

In a normal year the victims of the virus are pretty obvious-my littlest daughter at 4 years, followed by me at 50+then the six year old. Never is my wife ill. Its much like living with Data from Star Trek. She knows what illness looks like and she’ll be sympathetic for a couple of hours but she doesn’t empathize as she’s got no experience of it.

This winter for the 1st time that I’ve known her she’s been repeatedly ill. She’s not the only stoic I know who’s succumbed to viruses this winter. My brother the GP(Dr) has had 2 rounds of debilitating fever and flu like symptoms. He’s been vaccinated for flu as have I but my wife hasn’t. 

She’s been really pretty ill and not able to function at all well. Rest isn’t easy with 2 small children and there’s not much pleasure in leaving the house. At the moment as the weather outside isn’t very hospitable particularly if you’re ill so the best approach is to take the kids out. So what can you do to help prevent becoming a victim?-1)Wash your hands regularly- 2) use paper disposable handkerchiefs, particularly on kids- 3) get vaccinated (its about 30% efficient) 4) take Vitamin D supplements- 5) get some bed rest.

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